I have been conducting love rituals, known as gayuma or lumay, for more than a decade. I have assisted numerous individuals in reuniting with their beloved, attract their desired man or woman, and restoring broken relationships.

If you are interested in having me perform a love ritual for you, kindly read the responses to the questions provided below to gain insight into my love spell casting services.

Be aware that I do not accommodate all requests, particularly those with ill intentions. An example would be attempting to make someone who is already in a committed relationship or marriage fall in love with them. If that is your goal, I suggest seeking assistance elsewhere.

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Is this true or legit?

I have already helped many people because they also trusted me. Remember that love spells and other rituals lose their effectiveness if doubted.

To assure you that I am not a fraud or scammer, here are some testimonials from my previous clients.

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How much is the ritual?

You need to pay for the materials (offerings like candles, food, and drinks) that will be used for the rituals that will last for a month. It only costs P2,000, and I won't charge you anything else. Once you've made the payment, the ritual will start immediately, and you will also receive a program that will help you stay positive. It's important that you do this so you don't interfere with the rituals.

Do you have a ritual for me to do?

No, because I will be doing all the rituals myself. All you need to do is follow the guidelines I will provide before I start the offering rituals.

When will I see the effects of the rituals?

You will see positive changes within just two weeks. Be cautious of those who promise to manifest a spell within just one day, as its effects are only temporary and may even have negative consequences.

Is the effect permanent?

As I mentioned, I perform the rituals over the course of a month, so you can trust that the effects are permanent. However, remember that the duration of the effect still depends on you. If you mistreat the person I brought back or made fall in love with you, expect that they will leave you eventually.

Does this have any negative effects on me?

I carefully choose the clients who request love spells from me. If my spiritual guides do not agree, I will not accept the request to avoid negative consequences.

I only ask for help from benevolent spirits to ensure that the results of the rituals performed are positive.

What if I can't attend the rituals?

I have many clients who live or work in other countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, and all of them have been pleased with the effects of the rituals they asked me to perform. This means that the distance between the client and the target person has never been a hindrance for me.

Will I receive updates from you?

I will provide you with updates via email when the ritual begins and on its last day.

Can I consult first?

That's really where we'll start. I cannot accept your request if my spirit guides do not agree with your petition. If that happens, I can still provide you with other options if you wish.