What is Gayuma?

Gayuma, also known as lumay, is a type of ritual used to make someone fall in love with you, restore broken relationships, and strengthen existing relationships.

Many still think there's only one type of it, and that is the "love potion," a liquid mixed into drinks or food. However, unknown to most, this is just one of the many types of love spells. There are also spells that can be done through the use of:

1. Full Name
2. Picture
3. Clothing or Underwear
4. Saliva
5. Gaze
6. Candle
7. Bottle
8. Chant
9. Offering Food or Drink to Nature Spirits or Deities

Is Gayuma Real?

Many people have been helped by love charms and rituals because they believed it would solve their love problems. So, we can say that the effect or result still depends on the user. If you're overwhelmed by fear or doubt, don't waste your time, as using a gayuma will not help you.

It's also essential to remember that the ritual's effectiveness relies on the process. If not carried out according to the proper process, it will certainly lead nowhere and may even cause harm to the practitioner and the intended target.

When Will a Gayuma Take Effect?

It depends on the situation.

If you're using it to bring back an ex, the effect will be faster if it has been less than a month since your breakup. Otherwise, expect a longer waiting time.

If it's for attracting someone, you'll see results within two weeks if you're close to them, and they have no other interests. If the opposite is true, for example, you're strangers, or they already have someone else, the ritual or gayuma may still work, but it could take months or even years.

Remember that there are instances when a love spell does not work, especially if your desire is far from reality. For example, trying to enchant someone you haven't even spoken to or seen in person might be a long shot.

Are There Any Negative Effects of Gayuma?

Keep in mind that love charms or any love rituals are not inherently evil. They only become harmful when used for evil purposes or when the proper process is not followed.

"Proper process" involves the materials and methods used in the ritual to ensure that the practitioner does not attract evil spirits. Be cautious with free rituals found online, as most of them lack detail and do not follow the proper process.

Is the Effect of Gayuma Permanent?

It still depends on the situation.

If the proper process is followed and used for good, the effects of the love spell can be long-lasting. If the opposite is true, the ritual may still work but only for a short time and might bring negative consequences.

The type of ritual and the number of days it was performed also matter. Love rituals that involve offerings and were carried out for two weeks to a month usually have longer-lasting effects compared to other types.

Of course, the practitioner's knowledge and experience should also be considered. If they lack experience in casting love spells, there may still be results, but they might be temporary.

Lastly, remember that the longevity of the gayuma's effect still depends on the person. If they don't know how to value others, no relationship will last long, even if they consult the most skilled love spell caster.

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