Gayuma: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gayuma?

Gayuma is a love spell or potion used to win back an ex-lover (pampabalik ng minamahal), capture someone's heart (pampaibig ng babae o lalaki), and reignite passion in a relationship or marriage (pampabalik ng sigla ng relasyon).

Most people think that there's only one type of gayuma, the "love potion," a liquid mixed into the drink or food of the target. However, that is just one of its many types. Other love spells may involve:

1. Full Name

2. Photo

3. Underwear or Clothing

4. Gaze/Stare

5. Offering to Benevolent Spirits

Is Gayuma Real?

Many have found help through gayuma because they believed it would solve their love problems. So, if you don't believe in it, you won't benefit from it either.

It's essential to understand that the effect of the ritual also depends on the process. If the method or process used is incorrect, it will lead nowhere and may even cause adverse effects.

So, if you're trying free rituals found on Google or Youtube, be careful because we can't be sure they follow the proper process. It's better to consult experts.

When Will the Effects of Gayuma be Seen?

It depends on the situation. If you're using it to bring back a former spouse or lover, the results will be faster if you've been separated for less than a month. If longer, it may still work, but you'll have to wait for over a month for the effect.

If it's used to attract a man or woman, you'll notice changes within two weeks if you're close to them, and they don't have anyone else they're interested in. If the opposite is true, it will still work but may take months or years to happen.

There are also instances when a love spell doesn't work, especially if a request is far from reality. An example is trying to enchant someone you don't even know.

Are There Any Negative Effects?

Gayuma is not evil. However, it can have adverse effects if used for malicious purposes. For example, if you want to enchant someone to get revenge or play with their feelings.

Its effects can also be harmful if the method is incorrect. So, don't just perform free spells found online to avoid attracting negative energies or forces that will only cause trouble.

Is the Effect of Gayuma Permanent?

It also depends on the situation.

If the process is correct and used for good, its effect is long-lasting. If not, it will quickly lose its potency and may even bring negative consequences.

The type of ritual and the number of days it's performed also matter. Love spells that involve offerings to benevolent spirits and are done repeatedly have stronger and longer-lasting effects.

It also depends on the practitioner. If they lack knowledge and experience, they may still make it work, but the effect will likely be temporary and may come with negative results.

Most importantly, the duration of the effect depends on the user. For example, if they only use it to play with someone's feelings, the potency of any love charm or ritual they perform or request will not be permanent.

Free Love Spells (Gayuma)

Love Spell for Bringing Back or Compelling an Ex

You can do this love spell if you want to:

🕯️ bring back an ex-lover or spouse
🕯️ make an unfaithful partner faithful
🕯️ restore the passion in a relationship

Things Needed:

🕯️ an ordinary jar with a metal lid
🕯️ a piece of paper
🕯️ a ballpen
🕯️ a permanent marker
🕯️ 3 teaspoons of powdered bay leaves
🕯️ 3 teaspoons of powdered cloves
🕯️ 3 teaspoons of powdered cinnamon
🕯️ 1 teaspoon of powdered chili
🕯️ 3 teaspoons of sugar
🕯️ a red or white candle
🕯️ a lighter


Do this in a private place where no one will know what you're doing.

If you want it to be more potent, perform this ritual during a day when the moon is waxing or during a full moon.

1. Write the full name and date of birth of the person you're performing the ritual for on the piece of paper. Roll the paper towards you.

2. While holding the paper, mention the name of the target seven times.

3. Take a deep breath, blow on the paper seven times, and place it inside the jar.

4. Mix the laurel, cloves, cinnamon stick, chili powder, and sugar in the jar.

5. Place your palms on top of the jar. As you do this, imagine that your target is with you or in front of you. If you find it difficult to do, you can repeat their name repeatedly.

6. Take a deep breath and gently blow into the jar seven times, then close it.

7. Write your full name on the outside of the jar.

8. Shake the jar repeatedly while thinking about or mentioning your desire.

9. Light a red or white candle. Use the candle's wax to seal the lid of the jar.

10. Light a white or red candle on the top of the jar's lid every night until your wish comes true.

  • Don't let others see or touch the jar.
  • Once your wish is fulfilled, hide the jar where no one can find it.
  • Burn the contents of the jar and erase the name written on it if you want to undo the love charm.

Love Spell through Gaze

Conduct this love ritual during every full moon in a secluded location where you cannot be seen by anyone.

Stand facing east while gazing at the full moon and recite this incantation thirteen times:

In the sky, a moon so bright,
Your radiant light, a wondrous sight,
Carry your charm within my sight,
Let the one I gaze at be enchanted with delight.

  • Make sure to gaze into the eyes of the woman or man you wish to cast the spell on whenever you talk to him or her.
  • Repeat the incantation every full moon until you make the person fall in love with you.
  • Keep this ritual a secret and refrain from looking at your reflection in the mirror to maintain its potency.

Powerful Love Spell Using Name or Photo

Perform this love spell at six in the evening or twelve midnight on a Friday in a secluded spot with no wind and no onlookers.

Remember, keep it a secret; no one should know what you're about to do.

Items Needed:

🕯️ 1 white candle
🕯️ photo of the man or woman you want to enchant
🕯️ pen
🕯️ salt
🕯️ needle


1. Perform the entire ritual facing east.

2. Write the full name of the person you want to enchant on the back of his or her photo. If you know their birthdate, write it below their full name. Place it in front of you with his face directed towards you.

3. Surround the target's photo with salt. Start from the top and move in a clockwise direction.

4. Using a needle, carve your full name and date of birth on a white candle, starting from the bottom and moving towards the wick. Light the candle and put it on top of his or her photo.

5. Whisper your target's name over and over as you envision him or her confessing his or her love to you. Do this until you feel the need to do so. You can leave the candle lit as long as no one sees it and the wind doesn't extinguish it.

6. Once the candle burns out, collect the remnants and other materials used in the ritual, and store them in a clean bottle made of glass. Hide it in a place where no one can see it.

7. To empower the ritual, expose the bottle on the light of the full moon for a few minutes every month. Just remember to do this in a place where no can see or touch it.

After completing this ritual, expect to see results within a week to a month.

How to Cast a Love Spell Using Underwear or Clothing

Now, I will teach you how to make a simple love charm using the clothes of the person you want to attract or bring back into your life. You can also use this charm to strengthen the affection of a lover or spouse who is being unfaithful.

For this ritual, you will need the following:

🕯️ A piece of clothing worn by the person you want to enchant. It's better if the clothing is unwashed. If it has already been washed, the effectiveness of the ritual may be reduced, but you can still give it a try. Another option is to utilize a handkerchief, towel, or any object that has been in contact with the target's sweat.

🕯️ A clean red pouch that can hold the clothing you'll use for the ritual.

🕯️ A rose quartz.

🕯️ Perfume or scent you often use.

How to perform the ritual:

1. Place the target's clothing inside the red pouch.

2. Hold the rose quartz while mentally expressing your desire. You can say something like, "Bring back the love of [full name of the target] to me and return them to my embrace." Imagine the target standing in front of you, saying the words you want to hear from them. You should be happy while doing this.

3. Put the rose quartz inside the pouch. Rose quartz is known as the love stone, which can help strengthen the connection between two people.

4. Sprinkle or spray the inside of the pouch with your favorite perfume. The scent symbolizes your presence, so it's beneficial to use your preferred fragrance.

5. Close the pouch. Keep it in a place close to you, such as under your pillow or inside your bag, so that the charm continues to take effect.

Do not let others touch or see the pouch. It's also important that no one knows about the ritual you performed, even those close to you. If this happens, the charm may lose its power and even have negative effects on you.

If you wish to remove the charm's effects, burn the pouch along with the clothing. As for the rose quartz, you can cleanse it with clean water and use it for other rituals.

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